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Waldrons Pork with bell peppers in vinegar sauce







1 Waldrons Pork fillet, trimmed and cut into
6 medallions
Salt and pepper to taste
200g flour
Drizzle of olive oil
¼ red bell pepper
¼ green bell pepper
¼ yellow bell pepper
6 baby potatoes, parboiled and halved
1 small white onion, roughly chopped
4 sprigs fresh tarragon
150ml dry white wine
40ml red wine vinegar or cider vinegar
2tsp sugar
4–6 knobs butter


1. Heat a heavy based non-stick frying pan.
2. Season the Waldrons pork well and coat with the flour. Add the olive oil to the pan and then add in the pork to the pan. Cook on a
high heat until golden on one side.
3. Turn the pork and add in the bell peppers, onion and potato. Continue to sauté on a high heat until the pork is golden.
4. Now turn the pork again and add in the vinegar, sugar and white wine. Reduce for 3–5 minutes or until reduced by half.
5. Now add in the butter, one knob at a time,and keep folding (shaking the pan) until the sauce emulsifies/thickens.
6. Adjust seasoning and add in the chopped tarragon or herb of choice and serve.